Injuries and Training.

Make no mistake, getting STRONG is the best injury prevention there is. But everybody will still get injured at one point or another, train or compete for long enough at a high level and it is inevitable. So if/when this happens, then what do we do? Too often I see people throw their hands up in the air and stop training completely when they suffer almost any injury. Not only is this a great way to send your gym progress spiraling backwards, but it’s not so good for the psychological side of things either.

This post is simply going to show you how we can train around certain injuries. Please note, that you should consult a medical practitioner prior to resuming any training and ALWAYS stop if something hurts.

  1. Shoulder Injury. This sucks and rules out most upper body work as well as back and sometimes front squats. What we can do is SSB or belt squat, leg press, pretty much all leg isolation movements, single arm work (on your good arm) and core work.
  2. Lower back Injury. This one is frequently seen among strength sports competitors and can be pretty debilitating. Normally we can continue to do most upper body pressing, chest supported rowing variations and even some lower body isolation work (leg extension, light hamstring curl, glute bridges etc.
  3. Knee injury – train the upper body as normal, potentially able to continue training glute and hamstrings in isolation such as glute bridges, stiff legged deadlifts, good mornings, etc.

The point of this post isn’t to provide detailed programs or guidelines for those that are injured, but to show you that in almost every case there is still a massive amount of training we can perform and hence progress we can make. Sometimes an injury forces us to work on another weaker movement or body part that we have been avoiding and all too often this results in improved movement and progress across the board later on.

If anyone has questions regarding injury or training please feel free to comment below or send them through to us via and we will do our best to answer them.