Strong Fast Fit is now offering open gym memberships from $20 per week ($15 per week for students, emergency services workers and armed forces personnel). This is a fantastic option for the more experienced gym goer who simply wants to train in a great environment and have access to the best equipment around. Memberships include access to complimentary programs for strength, size or athleticism. If you’re looking for something more personalised, our semi-private PT sessions allow a completely tailored program and coaching service to help you reach your goals. Looking forward to continuing to grow the amazing gym culture that we at Strong Fast Fit are so proud of.

At Strong Fast Fit we pride ourselves on the atmosphere and community within the gym, as well as a massive selection of awesome equipment including competition powerlifting bars, racks and plates, six squat racks, a full dumbbell rack, an airdyne assault bike, concept 2 rower and more.

Whether your goals are fat loss, muscle gain, fitness improvements, development of athletic skills or even to compete in a strength sport (powerlifting, strongman, olympic lifting) we have you covered.